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Tool Tip from VES

posted Apr 7, 2014, 4:32 PM by First State FOOLS Delaware

I modified a pair of cable cutters after reading about it on WWW.VENTENTERSEARCH.COM. Use cable cutters that will cut a car battery cable, if it can cut battery cables it can cut any type of wire entanglement that you make find has gotten tangled on you inside a building. I used an old lifting strap we were discarding and attached it to one s
ide of the cutters with cable ties. Wrap the handles with friction tape, the cable ties under the tape make great no slip handle. For the other handle twist the tape and wrap and then wrap agin flat hockey stick style. This strap had a hand hold in it already, if not just tie a knot. The strap makes it possible to find and deploy the cutters in a zero vis environment and makes grabbing them easy at MVC’s or when you need them. Picture 004 shows the tool when stowed in a chest pocket. The handle folds down and out of the way but easy find in a hurry.

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